Thursday, February 2, 2012


Someday the block will clear.
Someday grey will be the colour of the day.
Someday things will not always stay the same.
Someday right or wrong will be just words.
Someday decisions won’t be tough.
Someday life may not seem so rough.
Someday traffic will be a breeze.
Someday a sport will be just a game.
Someday we’ll be at peace with the self.
Someday we will not shy away from help.
Someday we’ll have all the answers.
Someday lyrics will conquer.
Someday the system will crack.
Someday there will be no more attacks.
Someday peace will be a reality.
Someday we’ll know when to let go.
Someday we’ll want to hear “I told you so.”
Someday they will understand.
Someday we’ll have quality time on our hands.
Someday we’ll go back to writing.
Someday talking will take over typing.
Someday phones will be just phones.
Someday pictures will be more about caring than sharing.
Someday we’ll tell someone we are not ok.
Someday a laptop will not sit between us.
Someday we won’t need a video to laugh.
Someday we’ll go out and buy a greeting card.
Someday : and ) will stay only on the keyboard.
Someday there will be no need for interpretation.
Someday we’ll stop using those nicknames.
Someday we’ll know the ones who matter.
Someday the hundreds will just be a number.
Someday, we will know we are sorted.
Someday patience will pay.
Someday someday will be here to stay.

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