Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Invisible Ears

When you say what you mean,
When you write what you don't say,
When you try to prove you are right,
When you know you messesd up,
When life is just so blahhh,
When you find the courage to face your darkest fears,
When you just about manage to fight away your tears,
When you blast the music just before the silence starts talking,
When your frustrations are louder than any car honking,
When you have a whole conversation in your head and not utter a word at all,
When that heart-felt smile says it all,
When you hold on to the phone and wonder what should I say,
When you believe I'm ok and keep everyone at bay,
When you pray for one but truly want another,
When you know what you should but you don't anyway,
When the heart and the mind are in one crazy race,
You may think all of this is just within,
But little do you know, I'm always listening.

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